Valentines Day Hardware


So here it is Valentines Day Eve, and honestly I really don’t give a fuck.

Seriously it dawned on me as I was reading other bloggers writing about the pros and cons, the relationships or otherwise of The Big Heart Day, that it feels like Presidents Day or Arbor Day to me.

I spent my Valentines Eve with a handyman installing new bathroom faucets for me. Gorgeous new gleaming Moen faucets for my bathroom. I did secretly hope that my cash handed over to him meant that he could take his girlfriend to some spectacular dinner. But for me? Not so much.

Thats kinda growth for me.

Previous years had dozens of roses delivered to my office. Something spectacular planned. Last year was hard. I’d be lying not to admit it. It was new and foreign to be the one who coveted the petals. But this year? Not so much. I hope the romantic in me isn’t dying out. I bought the pretty colored M&M’s but moreso because I like M&M’s than anything.

I plan on spending the evening with a friend. Female and no romantic link. In fact she is leaving her man at home. I guess they care about it as much as I do. Good that he doesn’t have the pressure that so many others do.

So instead of heading in to admire beautiful flowers, or nibble on sumptuous chocolates, I am heading in to admire the gleaming new hardware that sits upon my bathroom counter tops. I am strangely pleased.

To each his own I guess.


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