The Voice



Our bodies and our minds are so complicated when it comes to the opposite sex. The receptors are so very complex and yet so very basic and Neanderthal all at the same time. Specific scents, sounds, or touches can elicit the most uncontrolled reactions. Even a memory of any of these stimuli can be enough. These reactions can vary, from creating a weakness in the knees, or the skin feeling electrified. Nipples hardening and pulses increasing. Breath may even quicken. The bodies reaction to pleasurable stimuli is endless.

What’s more interesting is when a completely innocent situation sort of sets off one of those receptors. A voice.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my eye doctor. I was having problems with the contact lens brand he had prescribed me about six months ago and wanted to see what he could offer me in substitution. He is a relatively new doctor for me, so I only had a slight recall on everything about him. Not attractive, but not ugly. Almost an a-typical eye doctor. Slight paunch, slightly balding, not very tall without being called short. Very sweet smile, and kind eyes. Maybe a little on the pasty side for living in So Cal.

And then he opened his mouth and I remembered. That voice. It’s soft without being effeminate. It’s got just the perfect touch of the gravel to it. Like a little bit of soft sand in bowl of butter. And it’s British. I love my Southern California boys, but give me a soft-spoken Southern man, or better yet a Brit or Aussie and I’m a little squishy. But better than the accent was the tone. He doesn’t whisper, but he speaks with such a soft slow cadence, that it puts me in this instant state of semi-slumber. If I were a cat I would have started to purr. I could listen to that voice read the dictionary to me. I need to recall this when I consider dodging my next appointment.

This isn’t to say my eye doctor is turning me on, but I would take his voice home for the night. 😉

A voice to me is more than a simply a way to communicate. I love to listen to the highs or lows, the sensual rhythms and cadence of a nice voice. I love a beautiful voice to tell me a story, to express even the simplest of things. To set things absolutely on fire, is to have that voice murmur in my ear. It sets off a tickle that starts in my throat and courses thru me like lightning. It’s such a physical force I almost feel like I can capture it and box it up for future recall.

Now while the intoxicating scent of Whiskey and Cigar breath may be my aphrodisiac, the right Voice is absolutely my weakness.

And sometimes a voice is really all that is needed to set things in motion ….


5 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Who doesn’t love a sexy voice? I agree wholeheartedly. Especially the accents. I LOVE a man with an accent. I even like when women have accents. It’s entertaining just to hear them talk. I strike up conversations just so I can listen to the lilt of certain words.

    • Hahaha … yes, but what may be sexy to one isn’t sexy to another. Latin accents are considered very sexy by most, but they don’t do a thing for me. French on the other hand … Oooolala. 😉

      • Lol I’m not big on Latin or french. For me, it’s the Irish, Scottish, British, Aussie, and Southern ones. ESPECIALLY the Scottish ones. I love a rough brogue lol

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