Anonymously Yours


Someone recently asked me about my writing and how I keep anonymity and privacy of others when I blog publically. They wanted to know how I would feel if someone was writing about me with pseudonyms. I explained it like this.

I’d be okay with it, as long as I felt my privacy was being protected. I am a pretty open and frank person. I don’t have a lot of skeletons in my closet, although I probably couldn’t run for public office without some embarrassment to my family. Hell who am I kidding. I couldn’t run for local dog catcher based on some of my actions. Digress, digress, digress.

What I write about for the most part is based on ME, and trust me when I say it is already filtered. These are my thoughts on people who have crossed my life’s path, as well as my reactions to the situations. I am not out to embarrass anyone. A few of the assholes who I’ve crossed paths with and written about, wouldn’t have a clue about this blog and wouldn’t ever recognize themselves anyway. I will admit freely to sizing up situations I am in, and writing them up in my head, all of the time. But I don’t always write about them on here. I even have friends who know ahead of time, “She’s thinking about blogging this…” because as a person who loves to write, everything is a story to me. But truth be told, only a very small percentage of what goes on in my life actually makes my blog. I don’t characterize close friends, or people I am actively involved with (in detail), and I give very little information. Lastly, Friend A isn’t going to come on here and recognize the situation with Friend B. Most of my situations thus far are solo projects, and they aren’t affiliated with my circle of friends and family. I am sensitive to anyone recognizing themselves and the best way to do this would be to simply not write about them.

In other words nobody knows one another. If I care about you; if you’ve made an impact on me – chances are you will never see even a pseudonym of yourself on here.

Trust me when I say having made this blog available to people who know me, has created quite a writers barrier, because I have to follow all of the rules listed above. What started off as a project of sorts; a therapy – ended up evolving into something quite larger than I anticipated.


If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have gone the anonymous route. In that case — you cannot imagine the stories I could tell.  Until then, my lips are sealed.

For the most part. 😉


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