About Your Blogger

I started this blog in late 2013 as a more public way to express the absolute stark realities of being newly single, in a time that I never expected it.

I am implicitly, and completely in love WITH Love, but I am also a blinded fool to it. I am monogamous by nature, and as the title suggests, a serial dater.

Here’s the deal: I make wonderful and  horrible decisions in my love life, in an almost rampant lather, rinse, repeat system and have for most of my life. Marriage frightens and feels foreign to me. I am hugely independent, almost to a detriment. I am introverted extrovert, who battles the need for attention, while yelling “Quit looking at me!” at the same time. But you know, once in a while a good guy slips thru, and absolutely confirms everything I know to be good about love.

And that’s what I was writing about, all tongue in cheek. Mostly. In late 2013 I ended a 7 year relationship with The One I thought was The One, who really ended up being more like, One of The Ones. Since then, I tried moving surreptitiously back into dating, until a revelation hit me.


I found that I didn’t need a relationship to define me. Or to complete me.

Follow me on my journey of discovering who I am, while I am navigate through travels, relationships with friends, and who knows? Maybe I’ll venture back into the world of coupledom, or perhaps I’ll decide this chapter of my life needs to done in a solo matter.

Buckle up kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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